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CNC lathe machining innovation increases domestic development trend
Release time: 2018-04-13

In the CNC lathe industry, in order to implement the national energy conservation and emission reduction, material saving, and environmental protection policies, in the development strategy and planning, actively implement green manufacturing and promote the harmonious development of people and the environment. Research on machine tools has been carried out: research on green design technology, research on lathe technology, research on the entire life cycle of machine tools, research on cleaner production technologies for machine tools, CNC lathes, high-precision energy-saving technologies and research on the performance of CNC machine tools .

Adjust the structure and change the development mode, eliminate backwardness and curb excess capacity. To realize the transformation of a manufacturing power into a manufacturing power, we must have a development strategy. Regardless of industry development or enterprise progress, we must formulate a strategic development plan, complete the task of structural adjustment and change the development mode, and strive for good and fast development. Through the efforts of the entire industry, a group of large and strong enterprises and a group of small and specialized small giant enterprises have been cultivated to improve the core competitiveness of the industry.
Increase independent innovation and investment in scientific research.
Actively explore new approaches to the joint research of production, learning, research and use. We can introduce technology and talents to develop by our brains. We must actively develop middle-to-high-end products. The focus of abrasives is to develop deep-processing products. Meet the needs of the rapidly growing photovoltaic industry and engineering ceramics and advanced refractory markets.
Promote green manufacturing. Green manufacturing refers to the modern manufacturing model that comprehensively considers environmental impact and resource efficiency under the premise of ensuring product function, quality and cost. It is the development trend of the machinery manufacturing industry in the 21st century. It is an important way to achieve efficient resource and energy cycle applications and minimize environmental impact, and to establish a resource-saving and environment-friendly way.
The application of numerical control technology in China has not only brought revolutionary changes to the traditional manufacturing industry, making the manufacturing industry a symbol of industrialization. , Automobile, light industry, medical care, etc.) play an increasingly important role, because the digitization of equipment required in these industries has become the general trend of modern development. Current CNC lathes show the following development trends.
1 High speed, high precision High speed and precision are the eternal goals of machine tool development. With the rapid development of science and technology, the upgrading of mechanical and electrical products has accelerated, and the requirements for the accuracy and surface quality of parts processing have become higher and higher.
Research Reports on CNC Lathes
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2High reliability CNC machine tool reliability is a key indicator of the quality of CNC machine tools. Whether CNC machine tools can exert their high performance, high precision and high efficiency, and obtain good benefits, depends on their reliability.
3 NC lathe design CAD, structural design modularization With the popularization of computer applications and the development of software technology, CAD technology has been widely developed. CAD can not only replace manual and tedious drawing work, but more importantly, it can select design schemes and analyze the static and dynamic characteristics, calculation, prediction and optimization of the large machine. It can also dynamically simulate the working parts of the machine .
4 Function compounding The purpose of function compounding is to further improve the production efficiency of the machine tool and minimize the non-machining auxiliary time. Through the compounding of functions, the use of machine tools can be expanded and efficiency can be increased to achieve one machine with multiple functions and one machine with multiple functions. That is, a CNC lathe can implement both turning and milling operations; Grinding is also possible on the machine.
5 Intelligent, networked, flexible and integrated The 21st century CNC equipment will be a certain intelligent system. The intelligent content includes various aspects in the numerical control system: for the pursuit of intelligent processing efficiency and processing quality, such as adaptive control of the machining process, process parameters are automatically generated.