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Significant market prospects for the development of machine tool remanufacturing industry
Release time: 2018-04-13

With the development of social development, people's awareness of environmental protection and resource conservation has gradually increased. The concept of "remanufacturing" gradually penetrates into every aspect of life. The remanufacturing of the machine tool industry has also received widespread attention. So for the machine tool industry, what is the significance of developing the remanufacturing industry?

First, remanufacturing of machine tools can effectively reduce waste of resources and save money. The shortage of resources is an important factor restricting economic development. Remanufacturing is the process of rejuvenating old machinery and equipment. It uses old machinery and equipment as blanks, and adopts special processes and technologies to make a new manufacturing based on the original manufacturing, and the remanufactured products are no less than the original new products in terms of performance and quality. Through remanufacturing, old machine tools can play a new role without being left behind. At the same time, manufacturers do not need to buy new machine tools to replace old machines. Therefore, machine tool remanufacturing can achieve the purpose of saving resources and saving funds.
Second, remanufacturing of machine tools can effectively protect the environment. Old machine tools do not need to be discarded, and used parts will not be discarded, causing environmental pollution. According to survey data, in 2010 the machine tool industry completed an industrial output value of nearly 550 billion yuan, of which metal processing machine tool output value was 20.9 billion US dollars, accounting for about one-third of the world. China's machine tool market has a huge holding capacity. According to incomplete statistics, the existing machine tool holding capacity is about 8 million units, of which more than 2 million traditional old machine tools have been in service for more than 10 years. About 250,000 old machine tools are cut each year, and the total metal content exceeds 1.5 million tons. If the used parts are not properly disposed of, it will cause huge pollution to the environment. Through remanufacturing of machine tools, used machine tools can be refurbished to new ones, generating new environmental benefits and protecting the environment.

Finally, machine tool remanufacturing can develop into a new industry and become a new economic growth point. In the developed countries where the remanufacturing industry developed earlier, the machine tool transformation of developed countries such as the United States, Japan, and Germany has already achieved industrialization. The United States refers to the machine tool transformation industry as the "machine tool regeneration industry", and Japan calls it the "machine tool transformation industry." Machine tool remanufacturing has developed for many years, and it has also formed a relatively complete industrial chain. Although China's machine tool remanufacturing industry started late and the level of maintenance and renovation of old machine tools is still in its infancy, machine tool remanufacturing can develop into a complete industrial chain, which has good market prospects and generates huge economic benefits.

The machine tool remanufacturing industry conforms to the development concepts of circular economy and green economy, and its future development market is broad. Not only can it bring huge economic benefits, but it can also achieve the goal of saving resources and protecting the environment. In the future, the machine tool remanufacturing industry will win more and more support from inside and outside the industry, and will become an important vane for the development of the industry.