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Welcome to the website of Foshan Nanhai Ruilifeng Machinery Factory, consultation hotline 17158801326 Various rolling forming machines, cold bending forming equipment: Fire valve production line, cold bending forming machine, rolling forming equipment, door frame machine, buckle round pipe machine, bite Mouth square tube machine, C-shaped steel forming machine, profiled steel equipment, stainless steel bottom tank machine, Z-shaped steel machine, keel machine, shelf machine, curtain rail machine, rail machine, cold rolling machine, shutter track equipment, etc.

The number of cold-formed products reached tens of thousands, and the website was not fully displayed; a comprehensive online marketing service provider of integrity

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Consulting Hotline: 17158801326

Foshan Nanhai Ruilifeng Machinery Factory

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China's 70% of machine tools can be numerically transformed and machine tool accessories have a huge market
Release time: 2018-04-13

There are many types of machine tool accessories, including organ-type protective covers (leather tigers), steel plate guide covers, lead screw covers, roller blind covers, protective skirts, dust-proof folds, steel drag chains, and engineering plastic drag chains. , Steel and aluminum towline, machine tool work light, machine mattress iron, JR-2 rectangular metal hose, DGT conduit protection sleeve, adjustable plastic cooling pipe, dust suction pipe, ventilation pipe, explosion-proof pipe, stroke slot plate, bumper Blocks, guide rail scrapers, chip conveyors, deflection meters, platforms \ granite plates \ cast iron plates and various operating parts.

At present, based on the continuous development of the economic industry, China has more than 4 million types of ordinary machine tools, of which 1/4 have more than 30 years of service life. These machine tools have no transformation value and need to be eliminated and updated. The remaining About 70% of the machine tools can be numerically modified. Reconstruction and update of many ordinary machine tools can create hundreds of billions of market updates and play a certain role in maintaining economic growth. Therefore, the numerical control transformation project can form hundreds of billions of yuan of industrial added value. Various machine tool accessories have received attention in the market, market feedback has increased significantly, and sales have increased.