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Axion Technology ranks first in domestic robot bearing related technology patents
Release time: 2018-04-13

Some investors inquired about Axel Technology on the panorama investor interaction platform. Axion Technology is the most complete, highest precision, and earliest research and development unit of domestic robot bearing product series. It ranks first in domestic robot bearing related technology patents and is a national 863. The lead unit of the plan "Development and Application Demonstration of Precision Bearings for Robots" has strategic cooperation with many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises such as Samsung of Korea, Comau of Italy and Xinsong of Shenyang. In recent years, the robot market has become more and more large in China. Why has the shaft bearing's robot bearings not seen how much profit the company has created?
Axion Technology responded that there are many types of robots, and there are many types of robot bearings involved. The robot market is still in the exploration stage. The company currently only produces a small number of robot bearings.