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Powerful "Thirteenth Five-Year" period
Release time: 2018-04-13

In 2016, Harbin Electric Group Harbin Electric Plant Co., Ltd. faced with the macroeconomic situation of national energy structure adjustment, industry supply-side reform, and “de-capacity”, with a reasonable layout and precise efforts, and gained a lot in technological innovation, marketing, and brand building Fruitful results, took off the two-year-old loss-making corporate hat to achieve profitability, and achieved good results in the bidding rates for the water and thermal power markets, which increased by 47.8% and 36.2% year-on-year, respectively. A solid pace.


At present, a new round of industrial revolution represented by intelligent manufacturing is developing rapidly. Digitalization, networking, and intelligence have increasingly become the main development trends of the manufacturing industry. At the time of the meeting, Harbin Electric also seized the opportunity and responded to the situation. Remote fault diagnosis system for power generation equipment. According to related personnel, in the past, once a generator set had a problem or a fault affected the operation, technicians had to go to the site of the power station to collect first-hand data and information. The efficiency of troubleshooting was restricted by the region and the transportation. Now there is a remote In the fault diagnosis system, the data information will be equipped with the "rocket" of electric signals, which will be instantly displayed on the screen. The technicians can grasp detailed and accurate data, analyze, troubleshoot and monitor the first time without leaving home. One-stop solution.

"This is an important step for Harbin Electric to transform its traditional industries with informatization, greening, and service." Li Zheng, assistant general manager of Harbin Electric and deputy director of Harbin Institute of Electrical Engineering, said. In 2016, the project was included in the list of smart manufacturing pilot demonstration projects by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which is the only large-scale power generation equipment manufacturing industry and the first smart manufacturing pilot demonstration project in Heilongjiang Province.

In the field of pumped energy storage, the Harbin Electric Technology team has worked hard to continuously advance to higher and stronger levels. With its original technology, it successfully solved the problem of stable connection to the grid of the “S” area of the pump turbine without using asynchronous guide vanes. , And successfully applied to pumping and storage projects such as Puyang and Xianju, filling the gap of pumped storage units in this regard. As of December 2016, all four 375 MW generating units of Xianju Pumped Storage Power Station with the largest stand-alone capacity in China have been put into operation. The unit performance is stable and the operating indicators are excellent. The "unique skills" of Harbin Electric Power passed the practical test smoothly for future pumping. The further development of energy storage technology has paved the way. At the same time, Harbin Electric has also made great technological leaps in the cooling methods of large-scale pumped storage power generation motor rotors and unit manufacturing processes, making technical preparations to further develop the pumped storage market with broad prospects in the future.

The contract for six 500 MW Francis turbines in Lianghekou was one of the highlights of the 2016 Harbin Electric Motors market and scientific research. In the course of "Research on Hydraulic Performance of Lianghekou Hydropower Station Turbine", Harbin Electric has developed a number of high-performance runners to fill the technical gap of mixed-flow turbines with a specific speed of 130 meters? Kilowatts.

In terms of basic research, changes in hydraulic development and test methods brought by research results such as "Research on efficient and accurate model runner hydraulic design and performance estimation methods" and "Research on unstable flow technology of turbines based on time passivation", Further improved the level of hydraulic calculation efficiency and test level.

In 2016, the research achievements of Harbin Electric won 7 provincial and ministerial awards. Among them, the technical standards and engineering application of large-scale hydro-generator casting and forging products won the first prize of science and technology for hydropower generation. The 800MW mixed-flow hydro-generator developed in Xiangjiaba And engineering applications won the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Heilongjiang Province.
Seize the opportunity

In 2016, Harbin Electric fully implemented the big business concept of full-person marketing, seized market opportunities, and achieved breakthroughs in the face of adverse external conditions. The bid rate of the hydropower market reached 50.04%, a year-on-year increase of 47.8%; the bid rate of the thermal power market reached 26.33%. , A year-on-year increase of 36.2%; at the same time, it entered the camera tuning and large pump markets, continuously expanded product coverage, and sought new points of profit growth.

In May 2016, Harbin Electric signed a contract for four 300 MW pumped storage units in Huanggou, with a contract value of more than 800 million yuan. This is the first time that the technology transferee has competed publicly after the bidding of large-scale pumped storage units for localization. The successful bid of the project marked that the technical strength of Harbin Electric Pumped Storage Unit reached the international advanced level.

Successfully broke the foreign monopoly of high-end water conservancy pumps and won the contract of 4 sets of pumps for two sets of complete sets of pump units for underground pumping stations in the middle of the large water network in Shaanxi Province and the Xiaolangdi Yellow River Diversion Project. After the pump was successfully put into operation, it once again achieved a breakthrough in the high-lift, high-flow centrifugal pump market, marking that Harbin Electric has received user approval in such fields as hydraulic development, structural design, and manufacturing.

In terms of thermal power, it successfully entered the UHV field and won the contract for the installation of eight mainframes for the first batch of converter stations in the State Grid. Tuning camera is a kind of generator specially used to generate reactive power. However, unlike the traditional, the tuning camera provided by Harbin Electric Machinery pays more attention to transient and sub-transient performance, which can generate a large amount of reactive power in a very short time. In order to cope with the potential drop of the grid voltage in an emergency, and ensure the safe operation of the grid. Wang Yanbin, the chief professional of turbine generator products of Harbin Electric, told reporters that such a performance-adjusted camera has never been seen in the world. Harbin Electric has already been at the forefront, becoming a leader in new camera manufacturing technology and market development.

Successfully signed two AP1000 nuclear power plants in Bailong and won the bid for four 1000 MW turbo-generator projects in Changle. The market share of thermal power continued to increase.

Working hard to transform the service market, Harbin Electric adheres to the product life cycle service concept and visits more than a hundred power stations throughout the year to promote service products. The contract value of the transformation service market is 428 million yuan, which has doubled compared with 2015.

The international market took the “Going Global” and “Belt and Road” strategies to sign the EPC contract for the Ethiopia Millennium Mainframe Equipment Processing Plant. This is the first overseas EPC project of Harbin Electric, laying a foundation for the subsequent expansion of the EPC market share. In addition, it has signed hydropower projects such as Santa Cruz in Argentina, Bale, Malaysia, and thermal power projects in Haiyang, Vietnam, and Ram in Kenya.

Burning quality Brand image reaches new heights

Since 2016, Harbin Electric has vigorously carried out the "fire" quality action, the product quality has been continuously improved, the project services have continued to improve, a large number of boutique units and boutique projects have emerged, and the brand image is shining. According to statistics, Harbin Electric's customer satisfaction in 2016 reached 92.03%, a year-on-year increase of 4.905%.

In April 2016, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred in Ecuador. Harbin Electric's units at multiple power stations in Sinclair, Sopradola, Top, and Minas in Ecuador have withstood the test of strong earthquakes, especially the Sinclair project units. The emergency grid connection the next day provided strong electrical energy guarantee for local disaster relief. On November 18 local time, President Xi Jinping and Ecuador attended the commissioning ceremony of the Sinclair Power Station and jointly pressed the buttons. All 8 high-head impact units were put into operation for power generation, with stable unit operation and excellent parameters. A model of the "going out" strategy.

Monkey Rock Hydropower Station is located upstream of the main stream of the Dadu River in Kangding County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. Here, the installation and welding of Harbin Electric Turbine Runner Site has twice achieved “zero counterweight”, and the runner height of Monkey Rock Project is nearly 3 meters. The maximum outer diameter is more than 6 meters, the total weight is more than 110 tons, and the dimensional parameters are high and the processing is difficult. The welding, processing, and assembly tasks must be completed at the construction site. To this end, Harbin Electric Group organized the backbone of each department and set up a specialized tackling team, carefully organized, detailed deployment, tailor-made plans, optimized solutions according to local conditions, and fully guaranteed production progress and product quality. Usually, after the welding of the runners, lead-filling is needed to achieve balance during the alignment process. However, with the strict quality management and excellent processing and assembly technology, the Harbin Electric Research and Development Team has twice achieved the "requirement without lead-filling to meet the technical requirements." "Zero counterweight", and the entire runner manufacturing was "delivered" two months ahead of schedule, which has won high recognition from customers and called it "a miracle in the hydropower manufacturing industry."

In addition, Harbin Electric also plans quality management from a global perspective, and establishes a quality performance level evaluation system; it sets up eight key research teams for frequently-occurring issues to ensure that the quality issues from technology to management achieve a closed loop throughout the entire process. With the continuous accumulation of "fire" quality results, the quality image of Harbin Electric has continuously improved, not only won praises from customers, but also received industry recognition. It was awarded the "National Machinery Industry Quality Award" by the China Industrial Quality Management Association. Only 7 companies in the industry won this honor.

In 2016 just now, Harbin Electric Co., Ltd. has achieved fruitful results in scientific research, the market has spread good Ʊ, and the quality has started again. It has started a second venture to achieve profitability and made a good start in the 13th Five-Year Plan period. Facing the future, Zhang Rui, Chairman and Party Secretary of Harbin Electric, pointed out that it is necessary to give full play to the core role of the party committee's leadership and political core, review and plan development strategies with new normal thinking, promote various tasks with the requirements of the new normal, and strive to achieve company development Fundamental changes in methods, profit models, and operating mechanisms.