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Analysis of the status of the international valve industry
Release time: 2018-04-13

In today's economic globalization, we must look at every issue with a global perspective. The total annual usage of valves in the world has reached more than 1.100 billion US dollars. The total market demand for new and old valve products every year has reached more than 50 billion U.S. dollars, far exceeding the world ’s new engineering construction for valves. The total market demand is $ 30 billion. In addition, the total amount of valve inventory and semi-finished products in the world is about 70 billion US dollars, and the total annual production is about 57 billion US dollars.

Similarly, in today's increasingly integrated global economy, international trade and transactions in the global valve market are more sensitive and leading in the development and promotion of the development and transformation of the world economy and the transformation and transformation of the world economy. At present, the international trade of global valves is largely limited and depends on the fluid technology, engineering consulting and services of developed countries in Europe and America, and the hands of multinational companies and groups of well-known valve brands. Fluid technology, engineering consulting and services in developed countries, multinational companies and groups of well-known valve brands have accelerated and strengthened the development and promotion of the valve market in other parts of the world, the global market demand and distribution of valves, and the internationalization of valve products. Trade, the formation and pattern of the cohesion and monopoly of multinational companies and groups that are well-known by the European and American developed countries in fluid technology, engineering consulting and services, and well-known valve brands.

From the above data, we know that the global demand, production and inventory of valves are huge and amazing; and with the development and speed of the world economy, with the acceleration of the global economic integration process, with the global The acceleration of the transmission speed of the valve market demand information and the faster symmetry of the market demand information will surely accompany the increase in the global valve market demand year by year, and the global valve production capacity and total expansion and climbing; at the same time, it will accompany the world Reduced valve inventory and total semi-finished products. The world economy is growing at a rate of 3% every year, and individual regions are growing at more than double-digit rates. The total demand for the global valve market must also increase at a certain rate of growth.