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Welcome to the website of Foshan Nanhai Ruilifeng Machinery Factory, consultation hotline 17158801326 Various rolling forming machines, cold bending forming equipment: Fire valve production line, cold bending forming machine, rolling forming equipment, door frame machine, buckle round pipe machine, bite Mouth square tube machine, C-shaped steel forming machine, profiled steel equipment, stainless steel bottom tank machine, Z-shaped steel machine, keel machine, shelf machine, curtain rail machine, rail machine, cold rolling machine, shutter track equipment, etc.

The number of cold-formed products reached tens of thousands, and the website was not fully displayed; a comprehensive online marketing service provider of integrity

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Consulting Hotline: 17158801326

Foshan Nanhai Ruilifeng Machinery Factory

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Address: East Road, Lianhe Industrial Zone, Luocun, Nanhai District, Foshan City

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What are the problems encountered in the use of cold roll forming machine [2018-07-10]
The problems encountered during the use of cold roll forming machines are: (1) The rolls of the forming machine are made of C12MoV. Although they have good wear resistance, their strength and hardness are contradictory. For heat treatment, the red hardness of the material should be used. Generally, the quenching is too thick, and the required hardness can be achieved after 2 to 3 times of tempering. (2) After the arc position has been pressed and formed in the first few passes, when the next pass is processed, the already formed ...
The use of cold roll forming machine [2018-07-10]
The structure of the cold roll forming machine is very special. Its volume is very small, its energy consumption is very low, its efficiency is relatively high, there is no noise during installation, it is very easy to use, it is easy to operate, it has a long service life, and its quality Guarantee. These are his advantages, he replaced the previous steel sheet blanking, docking, calibration and other processes, greatly saving labor and raw materials. The process is as follows: 1. The degree of overlap and ruggedness of the upper and lower molds ...
Cold bending machine commissioning manual, cold bending machine commissioning method [2018-07-10]
Cold bending machine commissioning manual, cold bending machine commissioning method. The debugging of cold roll forming machine requires a certain work experience. In the work, we must summarize slowly, and we must use our brains to debug the equipment. Especially when debugging equipment with complex cross-section products, we need a long-term experience summary. In order to debug the cold roll forming machine, it is very important to deal with the situation calmly and calmly, not to be irritable, and to use your brain, it is possible to cultivate an excellent cold roll ...
What are the rust removal methods of cold roll forming machine? [2018-07-10]
What are the rust removal methods of cold-formed forming machines? What should I do if the cold-formed forming machine is rusted? Rust will not only affect the normal production progress, but also affect the service life of the equipment. At this time, we need to cold-formed Machine for rust removal. So, what are the rust removal methods for cold-formed machines? The Machinery and Equipment Network summarizes the following methods for your reference. 1. Sanding by hand, use it to loose or lift up place, carry it out ...
What are the advantages of roll forming machine [2018-07-10]
Roll forming machine is a kind of equipment often or used by many modern factories in processing and manufacturing activities. It has many advantages. For one thing, the quality of the forming is very good. The roll forming machine can be seen from the name of what process it uses for processing activities. The finished product is very high quality and has high strength, so it is not easy to deform. At the same time, the specifications of all finished products can be kept in good consistency, and there are very few defects. ...
What is a cold roll forming machine? [2018-04-13]
Cold roll forming is a new process and technology of metal sheet material saving, energy saving and high efficiency. By using this process, not only high-quality steel products can be produced, but also the product development cycle can be shortened and production efficiency can be improved, thereby improving the market competitiveness of enterprises. In the past half century, cold roll forming has developed into an effective sheet metal forming technology. Strips 35 ~ 45 rolled in North America are processed into products by cold forming, compared with automobiles ...
How to install a three-section ball bearing slide? [2018-04-13]
There is a plastic part at the back of the inner rail (that is, the narrowest rail). After you hold it, pull the inner rail hard, so that the inner rail will be pulled down, and the inner rail will be pulled into the drawer. Install the outer rail on the table (all need to be screwed), and then put the drawer with the inner rail into the slide rail!
How to choose the motor of electric garage door [2018-04-13]
How to choose the motor of the electric garage door: 1. Automatic time delay lighting: When the garage door is opened or closed, the lighting will automatically turn off after 2.5-5 minutes. 2. Maintenance-free DC motor with strong power, stable operation and lowest voice. 3. Toroidal transformer, energy saving rate is 70% 4. Planetary gear switch, Hall element sensing, pulse. 5. Program control, convenient operation and complete functions. ...
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