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Welcome to the website of Foshan Nanhai Ruilifeng Machinery Factory, consultation hotline 17158801326 Various rolling forming machines, cold bending forming equipment: Fire valve production line, cold bending forming machine, rolling forming equipment, door frame machine, buckle round pipe machine, bite Mouth square tube machine, C-shaped steel forming machine, profiled steel equipment, stainless steel bottom tank machine, Z-shaped steel machine, keel machine, shelf machine, curtain rail machine, rail machine, cold rolling machine, shutter track equipment, etc.

The number of cold-formed products reached tens of thousands, and the website was not fully displayed; a comprehensive online marketing service provider of integrity

National 24-hour service hotline:

Popular keywords: Shelf machine / Layer equipment Fire window equipment / High-rise building window support machine Door frame forming equipment / Door frame machine U-shaped steel, C-shaped steel equipment Fire valve production line (seven sets of equipment) (Round pipe machine / Square pipe machine) / Biting

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Consulting Hotline: 17158801326

Foshan Nanhai Ruilifeng Machinery Factory

Miss Pan: 17158801326

Address: East Road, Lianhe Industrial Zone, Luocun, Nanhai District, Foshan City

Hyundai Heavy Industries teamed up with KEPCO to develop waste heat recovery technology [2018-04-13]
Hyundai Heavy Industries and Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) jointly developed a 2MW waste heat recovery system using critical carbon dioxide as a working fluid, which has recently obtained the Principle Approval (AIP) from Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR). Supercritical carbon dioxide (S-CO2) is a special state of carbon dioxide by controlling the compound in an environment above its critical pressure and temperature. In this state, supercritical carbon dioxide has both liquid ...
Zoomlion Agricultural Machinery released 4.0 series of new products [2018-04-13]
On January 5th, Zoomlion's 60 new agricultural equipment covering the entire mechanization of agricultural production including farming, seeding, management, harvesting, drying, and straw treatment were unveiled in Wuhu Industrial Park, fully displaying Zoomlion's agricultural machinery. Persist in technological innovation and lead the layout and determination of industrial upgrading in 2017. At the Zoomlion Agricultural Machinery 4.0 product release ceremony, including PG1404 tractor, RH1004 tractor, PL50 rice machine, ...
Axion Technology ranks first in domestic robot bearing related technology patents [2018-04-13]
Some investors inquired about Axel Technology on the panorama investor interaction platform. Axion Technology is the most complete, highest precision, and earliest research and development unit of domestic robot bearing product series. It ranks first in domestic robot bearing related technology patents and is a national 863. The lead unit of the plan "Development and Application Demonstration of Precision Bearings for Robots" has strategic cooperation with many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises such as Samsung of Korea, Comau of Italy and Xinsong of Shenyang. In recent years, the robot market has been domestic ...
Powering the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" The years of Harbin Electric's start have been fruitful [2018-04-13]
In 2016, Harbin Electric Group Harbin Electric Plant Co., Ltd. faced with the macroeconomic situation of national energy structure adjustment, industry supply-side reform, and “de-capacity”, with a reasonable layout and precise efforts, and gained a lot in technological innovation, marketing, and brand building. Great results, in one fell swoop, wearing a loss-making enterprise hat for two years to achieve profitability, and achieved good results in the water and thermal power market bid growth rates of 47.8% and 36.2% year-on-year, respectively, began in the "13th Five-Year Plan" ...
Mazda develops new engine technology [2018-04-13]
According to foreign media reports, Mazda is committed to developing gasoline-powered vehicles in the medium term. The company has invested heavily in developing a revolutionary technology that could be applied to the next generation of small cars. This technology is called Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI for short) and combines the advantages of diesel and gasoline engines to achieve efficient combustion. The main difference between diesel and gasoline engines is that gasoline engines use spark plugs to ignite fuel, while diesel engines ...
Analysis of the market situation of transportation infrastructure construction in the second half of 2017 [2018-04-13]
Moderate rebound in global economic growth From the perspective of the international environment, global economic growth will rebound moderately. According to the World Bank ’s latest “Global Economic Outlook” forecast, the global economy is expected to grow by 2.7% in 2017, slightly higher than 2.3% in 2016. The overall economic growth rate of emerging markets and developing economies may be 3.4% from 2016 It rose to 4.2%. According to World Bank forecasts, as manufacturing and trade ...
How China's Industry Walks the Green Light in the New Era [2018-04-13]
With the advent of the intelligent era, China's manufacturing economy is facing huge choices. So in the new era, how can China's industrial economy develop at a high speed? The word "innovation" reminds Chinese industries that only by innovative development can they win the "ticket" for transformation and development. An economic train galloped across the Chinese land and slowly slowed down to the crossroads. Trains face two tracks at the crossroads: one is based on steel and cheap labor ...
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